Server News Feed

- Solo 75 Area Added .
- G60/62 mid G65low drops added to 75 Solo Area.
- 1By1 75 Area Added.
- G60/G62Mid and G65 low chance added to 1by1 75 Area.
- Shiny 75 Area Added .
- Talismans/geons drops added to 75 Shiny Area.
- Party 75 Area Added.
- G60/62 High and G65 mid chance added to Party 75 area.
- F10 Exp fixed.
- Power Of Light Talismans in Craft NPC geons price lowered.
- G65 Orb and Quiver added.
- Stone Of Wealth added to Shop Coin NPC.
- Duel Tournament time has been changed. (16:00 /servertime)
- Master Of Dead People Boss drops 100% 1x G65 armor or weapon.(Daily limit is 2 per day)
- Boss Coins added to Master Of Dead People and Death Harvester.

- AR PVE DMG Increased.
- AE PVE DMG Increased.
- POB PVE DMG Increased.
- Spin Blade PVE DMG Increased.
- Counter Offensive PVE DMG Increased.
- Shadow Slash PVE DMG Increased.
- Ifrit's (70party area) monster's moving speed increased, HP increased, DMG increased.
- G65 armor's added to 70 party area.(low chance)
- G65 weapons drop rate slightly increased.
- G60/G62 drop rate slightly increased in 70 party area.
- Emerald's drop rate slightly increased.
- Crafting items like Infernal fraction, bybiene and piece of heaven drop rate slightly increased.
- World Raid EXP reward slightly EXP increased.
- POH reward EXP reward slightly increased.
- F10 reward EXP reward slightly increased.
- Monsters climbing mountains in 70 solo issue fixed.
- Mini Master in Forsaken Fort money drop increased twice.
- Wood Element Mini Master in Forest spawn time changed. (Spawns every 3 hours)
- G65 armor and weapon drops added to F10.
- Event's auto notices re-writed.
- Battle Horses temporary disabled and deleted from the game.
- Master Of Dead People Boss (for crafting battle horses) disabled.

- Server Grand Opening at : 18.09.2020 19:00 +2 GMT !
- Registration and Download open .
- see you in start <3 Exodus Kal Team

Things we made in pre-season:
- Lowered EXP to last 4 months.(Still easy to lv70)
- Egg EXP reduced slightly.
- Drops remaded and balanced from lowest area to the highest.
- Remaded and fixed existing areas.
- Disabled Blessing Son Of The Sky (3rd job passive skill)
- Picture Of Hell system remaked.(After completing the system you get fair exp and other rewards)
- Power Of Light(weapon enchanting system) added from G65 to G80.( 1x grade per weapon)
- Bead Of Ice (armor enchanting system) added from G65 to G100.(1x grade per armor)
- Blueprinted Weapon system added.(Drops only in 1by1 and party areas with extremely low rate)
- Boss Summon system added.(You can find NPC and boss spawn zone outside fort)
- Remade Fort ramp.(Assassins can only sin in fenced zone)
- Boss Coin system added.(Exchange boss coins for meaningful rewards in Boss Coin NPC)
- G55/G59 Mini-Boss in FOE added.(Spawning every 1hour. Also drops Boss Coin)
- Geons Mini-Boss in Forsaken Fort added.(Spawning every 4hours. Also drops Boss Coins)
- G60/G62 Mini-Boss in Forest(lv70solo area) added.(Spawning every 6hours. Also drops Boss Coins)
- Guild Reward system added.(You can buy tokens to summon bosses for guild or you can change points to PVP Coins)
- Items descriptions in shops added.
- Items descriptions written.
- New pets added.
- All pets statuses recreated.
- New weapon Hellfire skin added.(weapon textures updated)
- G60 - G100 armor statuses(evasion/otp/def) fixed.
- New Fort added.
- Jail system added.
- EXP table fixed. (EXP can be increased/decreased through GAP system without EXP overflow consequences)
- PVE/PVP rebalanced. (PVE/PVP balances weekly)
- Custom quests edited. (Rewards changed and EXP after completing added)
- Accessories Crafting System added. (G60-G70-G80 acc's able to craft)
- Starting level changed to level 1. (Starting with G32 set + G40 weapon, Buff scroll G1, KC scroll, 6Hours pick pet, meds, eggs, EXP and Wealth stones)
- Starting place changed to more convenient. (You can find monsters from vulgars to water dragon)
- Max level changed to 111. (Based on people votes)
- F10 EXP changes. Mages can hit now while lower level.
- Amount of mobs changed in shiny areas. (To avoid laggs/freezes)
- Amount of mobs changed in party areas. (To avoid laggs/freezes)
- Higher level areas in teleporter and higher level monsters muted. (To avoid cheating by going to restricted areas)
- All blocked HWID and IP addresses removed. (We give you a chance to make it right. Dont fuck up :) )
- One new Admin and one Game Master joined the team. ( To check on cheaters, support in game, out game and help us out)
- Droplist added to teleporter.
- FOE monsters remaded. (Difference between majors and minors is around 30%. Splash spot have 100% lower exp than minors)
- Wolf Town removed. (Due to easy access to it and buggs)
- Solo areas maded that every character can solo in there.
- Party areas maded for 3+ attackers 4x higher EXP than solo areas.
- Shiny areas have 10x lower exp than solo areas.
- Party areas monsters statuses changed. (To make Ascetic hit them only with MI on)
- 1by1 areas have quite low exp after 70+ because we calculated that under 2minutes you can get 2x lower exp than in solo areas. (But 1by1 areas have higher drop chance than solo areas)
- PVP events like battlefield, last man standing, duel tournament rewards decreased. (To keep PVP Coin economy healthy)
- PVP events like Guild vs Guild, Protecting The Leader, Castle War rewards changed, events time changed. (For these events you will get guild reward coins)
- EXP event will be only 2 times per day. (One at morning and one at evening)
- EGG event will take place every day for 2hours.
- Damage event will take place every day for 30minutes. (Not 1hour like it used to be)
- Immortal event disabled. (To avoid disbalances)
- Ornament system(necklace buff) turned off in PVP. (Will work only in PVE)
- Ornament system(amulet buff) will work on PVE and PVP.
- MD5 bug have been fixed.
- Battlefield rect safe zones have been fixed. (This system doesnt allow enemy to run in your base)
- Castle war Cannons have been implemented. (This system will come up in the future with updates)
- Events timer not starting/stopping bug have been fixed.
- Protect leader doors opening bug has been fixed.
- Honor name bugs has been fixed.
- Defense incarnation 6 grade bug has been fixed.
- Level based teams applied for battlefield.
- NEW reward limit option added for castle war for people who use multi-clients to get rewards. (If yours HWID is in different guilds you wont get any rewards at all)
- NEW reward limit protection added to all systems. (for example F10, CW, LMS, DT etc. etc.)
- Auto events not ending bug has been fixed.
- Added new client protection. (Cheat engine, debugger, highgamer bot etc.)
- Fixed some engine freezes/random c/ls.
- Some visuals and textures fixed.
- Monsters which where causing freezes and c/ls in season 1 changed and deleted.
- All item prices changed to 0. (To improve security of our files)
- Prices of gears and weapons sold to NPC changed. (To keep economy healthy)
- Prices of items in Merchant reduced.
- Few skills effects changed.
- Some server rules are rechecked and changed.
- Castle War map changed. (To good old one because new map was buggy and causing lags)
- Orbs and Quivers statuses rebalanced on higher grades.
- Mystery skills and hanin mirrors was completely removed. (In previous season at first weeks we had problems with cheaters)
- We dont remember anymore what have we done. You will find out that in game :)
- We put as much effort as we could. Hopefully you enjoyed season 1 and you will have even more fun in season 2.
- Yours truly Exodus Kal Team.
Hello our dear players! We are excited to announce that season1 has been successfully concluded and, as we had hoped, we reached 120lvl and g100 gear.
Of course, not everything worked out according to our plan but we put a lot of effort and we hope we did everything we could; 49 updates in two months speak for
themselves. We want to thank all our players, who enjoyed the game with us, who tested our admin possibilities, helped each other and supported us, and those,
who tried to trick or exploit us in some way. Without you we wouldn’t be able to grow and improve.
We would like to remind you all, that season1 Hall of Fame will be announced soon and it will contain the list of players, who for particular reasons left us a great
impression and helped with the growth of our small Kal community. These players will be awarded. Furthermore, we want to thank the following guilds: Life, Drunkers,
TESTAMENT and NeverGiveUp for their help fostering single players, instructing them, delivering relevant information and for simply assisting in avoiding unnecessary
drama. When it comes to season2, it is planned to come out on 18th of September, however, don’t expect a simple reset and things the way they were before. That’s not
going to happen. It is foreseen to add more maps and systems, implement guild rewards system, modify some pvp sistems, add custom world raid system, fix the biggest
bugs from the last season, add blueprint weapons, improve the information spread, i.e. the most relevant information is going to be published not only on Discord but
also on the website and in game. To sum up, we would like to say, that we are glad to have gained such attention and to have had the opportunity to enable the players
to enjoy all global armours and we hope to continue doing so. This time you can expect lvl111 as well as gear g100 to be the maximum. This time we want a slower game,
therefore we plan to play season2 for 4 months (twice as long), so we hope to see you at the opening of Kal season2 on 18th of September! Best wishes from your
Exodus Kal team.

Regular Update [23.08] has been added
- G100 mage parts enchanted with BoI will increase more evasion.
- Bead Of Ice armor enchanting system added for G100.
- Power Of Sun weapon enchanting system added for G100 weapons. G3 max.
- G100 Orbs & Quivers added to craft NPC.

Regular Update [20.08] has been added
- G90 Droprate Slightly increased.
- Exp from 70 - 110 Slightly increased.
- G100 added to the game.
- G100 added to F10. 100% drop rate of 1x part.
- Ifrit Dungeon added. Level 110 party area.
- G100 added to Ifrit Dungeon.
- G100 added to 110 solo area.
- Picture Of Hell remaded. EXP will be given after completing all stages, drop table modified. Now drops G90 medium chance and G100 extremely low chance.
- Level 110 shiny area exp and drops fixed.

Huge Update [15.08] has been added
- F10 drops fixed / exp increased.
- Exp bug after 111 fixed.
- Normal talismans deleted from highlevel areas.
- exp increased for newcomers till 100 level.
- G3 TOP's added to donation shop.
- Donation Costumes fixed.
- Donation costumes statuses increased 8/8/8/8.
- Donation weapon skins fixed.
- Donation weapon skins statuses increased 5/5/5/5.
- Vote costumes fixed.
- Vote costumes statuses increased 5/5/5/5.
- Vote weapon skins fixed.
- Vote weapon skins statuses increased. 3/3/3/3.
- Emperor TOI added to donation shop.
- 100 Level party exp increased , mobs hp lowered also give's exp after 111level.
- Pumpkin boss fixed.(it drops after 111 )
- OTP on G90 weapons increased.
- GraveYard Dungeon (level 110shiny) added.
- Vicious area (level 110solo) added.
- Picture Of Hell (Instance Dungeon) Remaked.
- Picture Of Hell mobs level increased, EXP increased, Droptable improved(drops g90 low chance)
- Picture Of Hell rewarding with 10x jewels, 10x DSS, 10x QG, 20x PVP Coins.
- Lightning Slash DMG increased in PVP.
- Shadow Slash DMG increased in PVP.
- DOK DMG increased in PVP.
- Counter Attack DMG increased in PVP.
- Counter Offensive DMG increased in PVP.
- Twin Blade Strike DMG increased in PVP.
- Final Blow DMG increased in PVP.
- Suicidal Blow DMG increased in PVP.
- Vital Strike DMG increased in PVP.
- Fatal Wound DMG increased in PVP.
- Powerful Widening Wound DMG increased in PVP.
- Provocation Of Blow DMG increased in PVP.
- Sword Dance DMG increased in PVP.
- Powerful Upward Slash DMG increased in PVP.
- Lightning Arrow DMG decreased in PVE.
- Flame Injection DMG increased in PVP.
- Fireball DMG increased in PVP.
- Virulent Arrow DMG decreased in PVP.
- Arrow Explosion DMG increased in PVP.
- Arrow Rain DMG increased in PVP.
- Focus Shoot DMG increased in PVP.
- Combative Spirit DMG increased in PVP.
- Life Absorbtion DMG increased in PVP.

Regular Update [13.08] has been added
- Protecting The Leader new PVP system added.
- Guild VS Guild new PVP system added. (Destructing The Key Points)
- Battlefield time extended to 45minutes.
- Castle War Saving Crow's fixed.

Regular Update [10.08] has been added
- Castle flag HP Reduced by 50%
- Castle Gates HP Reduced by 30%
- Pumkin BOSS Level increased cuz droping issue
- SD Fixed on pvp / pve.
- 100 solo exp fixed .
- 103 solo exp fixed .
- 1by1 95 exp fixed .

Huge Update [09.08] has been added
- G90 Bead Of Ice added.
- G80 Bead Of Ice reworked.
- New Protection added.
- G90 Orb and Arrow added in orb/arrow Craft NPC.
- New Trak Mascot talisman added in craft NPC and Donation NPC. (For G80 amulet)
- New Ornament Amulet giving ornament buff by pressing hotkey: O.
- G80 amulet added in F10 and DL.
- Battlefield new map added.
- Battlefield safe zones fixed.
- Blue screen issue fixed.
- Swamp Dungeon level 103 solo area added.
- G90 added in level 103 solo area. (medium chance)
- Level 100 party area drop rate changed. (highest chance)
- Level 100 solo area mobs EXP fixed.
- Candy(hp medicine) recover 800hp added to vote coin NPC.
- Milk chocolate (13% psy attk) buff added to vote coin NPC.
- Heart chocolate (13% magical attk) buff added to vote coin NPC.
- New boss 'Pumpkin' added to Swamp Dungeon last room. Spawning each 8 hours and droping G90 10% chance. G80 accessories + G80 gears.
- Channel 5 added for Swamp Dungeon.
- Castle War Flag and Gates HP increased.
- Castle War statue east gate coordinates changed. (saving spots fixed)
- Guilds registered to CW.

Regular Update [07.08] has been added
- Level 100 Party Area Exp increased .
- G90 weapons OTP increased.
- G90 Weapons New Enchanting System Added (PoS)
- Doggebi Lord (BOSS) level increased.
- ILyers Soul's added to drop only at 100+ party area.
- G80 Drops Removed from 100 Party area.
- G90 at 100 Party Area Slightly Increased.
- POS TALISMAN added to craft/donation npc.
- G90 Added to F10 with 10% chance.

HotFix Update [05.08] has been added
- Poltergeist mobs level increased.
- Mystery skill bugg removed.(Protection activated)
- G90 added in 95 solo area.
- G90 added in 95 1by1 area.
- G90 added in 100 solo area.
- G90 increased in 100 party area also mobs HP increased.
- Level 100 solo area added.
- Level 95 1by1 monsters EXP increased.
- LMS notice fixed.

Manual Update [02.08] has been added
- New Boss added. Death Harvester (droping 20x Bybiene, 20x Sayako, 20x Infernal Fraction(Weapon)
- G90 added in 100 party area.
- Level 100 shiny mobs respawn time fixed and exp increased.
- Level 100 party mobs level increased.
- G70 drop rate increased.
- G80 drop rate slightly increased.
- LA pvp dmg increased.
- AR pvp dmg increased.
- VA pvp dmg increased.
- POB pvp dmg increased.
- DOK pvp dmg increased.

Manual Update [31.07] has been added
- New Logo added at website.
- Discord invitation button added to website.
- min/max attack added on G80 crafted accesories.
- G80 Amulet hp/mp increased.
- Master Of Dead People disappear time increased .(wont gone after 2mins now).
- G70 droprate slightly increased.
- 65 lvl quest items droprate slightly increased.
- 70 lvl quest items droprate slightly increased.
- 82 lvl quest items droprate slightly increased.
- 88 lvl quest items droprate slightly increased.
- G80 Added to drops at 95 1by1 and solo areas.
- 95 lvl solo area mobs hp reduced now able to solo with gos.
- LastManStand time changed to 21:00 /servertime.
- F10 exp increased by triple.
- World cup final round bug has been fixed.
- PUS pvp dmg increased.
- Daily EXP event 21:30 - 22:30 changed to 11:00 - 12:00 /servertime.

Manual Update [15.07] has been added
Starting level changed to 60
Starting gear changed to G55/G59
Exp Increased for newcomers
G80 drops added to drops 90+ Party Areas
Battlefield Level Limitation increased to 80
Battlefield Rewards improved
Hell Island quest description fixed
Icicle Skill has been fixed
Ice Restriction Skill has been fixed
Geum-Oh Castle's Statue of Crow enabled
90lvl Shiny Area (TOP F5) Added
95lvl Shiny Area (TOP F6) Added
88lvl Solo Area (TOP F7) Added
90lvl Party Area (TOP F8) Added
AntiKs System disabled
Shantay Pass shiny exp increased
Rock Dungeon 1by1 exp increased
New Weapon Skins added to Vote NPC
New Weapon Skins added to Donation NPC
+8/1 Talisman added to Donation NPC

- Manual Update [12.07] has been added
- PVP Reward Pets prices reduced by half
- Hell Island monster level increased.
- EXP till level 75 increased
- Low level talismans deleted from high level areas.
- G65 deleted from high level areas.
- All guilds registered to castle wars.

- Manual Update (Hotfix 2) [08.07] has been added
Blessing Son of The Sky has been fixed.
Soul Destruction is now upgradeable to G5
G70 Drops have been added to F10 System
Speed has been increased of Maze in the fog monsters
Magic Intensification CD has been reduced
G75 Weapon drops added to Maze in the Fog
Rupture CD (invalid time) has been fixed
[Bybiene] has been added to drops (60+ areas)
Orbs and Quivers crafting merchant has been added
Q82 Items are now droppable in Maze in the Fog
Sayako has been added to drops (60+ areas)
Sayako will be used for Accessories upgrades (TBA)
Maze in the Fog Monsters EXP increased

- Manual Update [06.07] has been added
-G70 armors and weapons added in Maze In The Fog level80 party area
-G70 armors and weapons added in Rock Dungeon level80 1by1 area
-Maze In The Fog mobs attack increased, hp reduced, exp increased
-F10 exp increased
-Warlock Hatchery level70 shiny area mob amount in spawn reduced and exp increased to avoid freezes
-TOP F4 level75 shiny area mobs hp reduced
-D6 increased amount of rooms with semi party mobs
-G60/g62 droprate increased
-Shantay Pass level80 shiny area added
-G60 drops deleted from level80 areas
-G70 orb added in Donation Shop
-G70 arrow added in Donation Shop
-Name change added in Shop Coin NPC
-Cursed waters mobs exp increased.
-Talismans droprate increased at solo/party areas.
-Guild name change added in Shop Coin NPC

- Manual Update (hotfix) has been added
- Highwick level limitation reduced to 70
- Wolfs HP (WolfIsland) reduced
- SD pve dmg increase
- LVL 65 Quest items droprate increased
- Pets picking range increased
- You can now enter all floors of Dungeon 3
- Battlefield Limitation increased to 70
- Mask Merchant (behind storage) has been fixed
- F10 Bosses HP reduced

- Official Start this evening at 18:00 (CEST)
- Registration is open
- Client has been uploaded
- More information on Discord

- Discord channel has been created

- Server development in progress
- 2 Weeks remaining until Official Start.
- Official Start: July 1st!

- Website has been developed
- Domain registered
- Website is live!

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